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Travel down into the depths of an endless dungeon that lies somewhere between reality and fantasy in order to find the meaning of it all. Fight monsters, collect loot, and save the world. Battle for your life against an onslaught of creatures the world has never seen before.


  • Every creature you face is unique, no two are the same
  • Endless dungeons uniquely generated every time you play

This game was a submission to Brackeys Game Jam 2022. 2


  • Unity 2020.3.29f1


  • GUI Pro Kit - Casual Game (Layer Lab)
  • Master Audio 2022 (Dark Tonic Inc.)
  • Character Editor: Megapack (Hippo)
  • Fantasy Monsters Animated (Hippo)
  • PREMIUM Dungeon Tiles & Props (MiMU Studio)
  • Odin - Inspector and Serializer (Sirenix)
  • JSON.NET For Unity (parentElement, LLC)
  • Cartoon FX Remaster (Jean Moreno)
  • Universal Sound FX (Imphenzia)
  • The Combat Collection PRO edition (John Leonard French)

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the game package to a folder of your choosing
  2. Launch the Phantasm.exe executable
  3. Enjoy!


Phantasm 1.0.0.zip 85 MB

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