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What happens when you have to start at the end of the game and the first thing is to defeat the final boss?


1 a : to make a god of
   b : to take as an object of worship
2    : to glorify as of supreme worth

Deified is a retro pixel art platform adventure game with 6 levels of jumping, shooting, clinging, and gliding fun. Each time you finish a level you must "sacrifice" an ability, Will you face the next level without the ability to run or swim? How important is dash or glide to get to the beginning?

This game was made in about a week for the 2022 Jern Jam! There wasn't a lot of testing or balance so apologies up front for that. A few bugs are showing up from people playing it on stream that will be looked at later, hopefully.

Hope you enjoy it!

Results of the Jam

Jern Jam 2022

Thanks to everyone who voted and played this game. We placed #1 in How well the Theme was used, #1 in How it Looks, and #3 in the Fun to Play category.


  • WASD to move
  • SPACE to jump. SPACE when falling to activate GLIDE
  • SHIFT to run
  • E or LMB to shoot

Controls (and abilities) not listed in game

  • F to DASH
  • CLING to walls by jumping into them
  • SPACE when jumping to DOUBLE JUMP
  • S to CROUCH when standing to look down, W to look up.

NOTE: The game was designed for keyboard/mouse play but you *can* use a controller, however it hasn't been tested for this so YMMV.

Enemies and Obstacles

  • Some enemies can't be harmed so must be avoided
  • Spikes will instantly kill you
  • Pick up hearts for life and stars for completeness
  • Lose all 5 hearts and the game is over


  • Unity 2021.3.9f1



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Diefied- 64 MB


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Had a lot of fun! Its really cute, every level was fresh and pretty. The sound is perfect. I am not good at these games so jumping and climbing walls was tough for me but it felt smooth. well done

Thanks! Had a lot of fun playing. I suck at these games (and most others) so as long as you enjoyed it.